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Is your company reaping the benefits of being pro-active when it comes to lead generation?

lead generation for growing businesses

Lead Generation for Growing Businesses

A great calling campaign is a benefit to you at any stage of your business process.

How you approach new business development and sales matters. 

By diversifying your marketing strategy with an outbound calling campaign you position yourself to have more control over your sales goals and shorten your sales cycle by shifting your focus to quality leads.

Need lead generation for your growing business?

We are matchmakers between our customers and their next best customer. Stop struggling to sell to leads that aren't the right fit. We find qualified prospects for you so that you can use your valuable time and energy to make the sale. 

lead generation for growing businesses

You Might Be Wondering What We Do...

Appointment Setting

Magic happens when you find the perfect meeting time with a quality prospect. We handle appointment setting so that you can focus on building connections.

Follow Up Calls

Leads are time-sensitive and it hurts your business when opportunities fall through the cracks. We stay on top of the follow-up so you never miss the chance to make a sale.

Increased Attendence Calls

We connect with and invite your target market to your events to increase attendence from the people that care about the products and services you provide.

Customer Feedback

Never feel out of touch with your customers. We regularly collect feedback from your customer base to help you stay on top of your customers' needs and improve your products and services to meet them.

Handling In-Active Accounts

Don't let inactivity stop you from continuing the sales relationship. We breathe life into old accounts and renew the lines of communication with your customers.

Front End Calls

Make your next promotion stress-free by letting us prepare your prospects for exciting developments in your business. Sales happen faster when your customers are aware and look forward to your next marketing message.

lead generation for growing businesses

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Many companies find themselves challenged when it comes to implementing a calling campaign and feel frustrated by road blocks along the way. 

This is why we’ve created this FREE guide to address the Top 15 Pitfalls to Avoid when Putting Together a Calling Campaign.

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A Note from Our Customers 

My appointment went extremely well. She took the time to show me items that will be needed as well as past challenges in completing them. I had excellent relevant samples and she knows that we are more than capable to work for them. My next step is to submit a quote, I am excited about following up with her and getting the project! Thanks so much. 

F. Cueto, Cueto & Reed  

L. Wells and Associates has been an invaluable business partner for us. Their outbound calling expertise helped to generate many new appointments for our sales managers, giving them the opportunity to get their foot in the door with otherwise cold prospects. L. Wells and Associates offers the cold-calling support that will help augment the business-development needs of any company and I highly recommend their services. N. Day, Training Pros 

Your sessions most importantly reinstated the relevance of time management for me. I learned to prioritize my lead lists and how to handle time management issues. I think anyone in the sales industry would benefit from your knowledge and expertise on cold calling. J. Hart, Interactive Data  

Growing Your Business Is Just A Phone Call Away!

lead generation for growing businesses

A Bit About Us

L. Wells & Associates, Inc. is a new business development company specializing in growth for small and medium size organizations. We are matchmakers and communicators who help our customers generate and stay on top of leads without the stress of sifting through to find the right customers for their business.  

You're great at selling. We're great at finding customers for you to sell to.

Every company needs its own approach to new business development. Let us help you discover yours!